East Malaysia


Pray for Malaysia

Good News: East Malaysia is seeing a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God! Believers say they are having a revival. And several Christian groups say they are having a marvelous impact on society and the majority Muslim population. In fact, East Malaysia has one of the most vibrant and growing communities of believers in Southeast Asia!

Although this miracle is happening in Eastern Malaysia, it is hoped that this will spill over and have a significant impact on the larger Malay population on the Malaysian Peninsula. According to a census, large numbers of indigenous tribal peoples are embracing faith in Christ.

Prayer Starters:

  • Bless what God is doing, pray for more of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in East Malaysia.
  • May God inspire believers to become more intentional in reaching out to their Muslim neighbours and fellow workers.
  • Pray that God would raise up people with various spiritual gifts to help the believers and help Muslims to discover the Good News.
  • Pray for the establishing of culturally-relevant, indigenous communities of faith in each Muslim community.
  • There are challenges for congregations which seek to welcome Muslims who discover the Messiah. Pray for them as they seek to help new believers

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